Friday, 25 March 2011

Here we go again.

Well, several years ago we had a narrowboat built almost entirely by communication over the internet.  We never saw the completed boat until we had travelled from New Zealand in time for the launch in 2004.

This time it’s a car bought sight unseen except by Dot’s son Richard. Dot had seen the car advertised on an online auction site and requested Richard go and inspect it and report back as to it’s worthiness. Reporting back it appeared to be a good buy, needless to say we now own a car once more.

My Note at Richards

Insuring it was not a problem and was done over the internet for an agreed value. As New Zealand now has no more car manufacturing plants, all our vehicles are imported, mainly from Japan.  Due to the horrendous earthquake earlier this month we decided it was probably time to start looking for a vehicle before there becomes a shortage in New Zealand.  If this were to happen the chances of getting a vehicle of our choice may have become very difficult.

The photo shows the car parked at Richards until our return.  A big thank you to Richard for his help and assure him it wouldn't look any good as a stock car.



Tom and Jan said...

Wise move! The local dealers of new Japanese motor vehicles are already advising their customers there will be a delay with the delivery of ordered cars because the factories in Japan have closed.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom and Jan

We haven't seen any reference to this but anticipated that this may be the case. We were lucky to find the right vehicle so quickly and close to where Richard lives in Hastings. Still keeping up with your news, now showing on your site as a visitor from London.