Monday, 14 March 2011

Return to March

32.5 Miles. Now back in March.


After a reasonably successful 2 days at a camp site where we found and resolved various problems it was time to move on. Over the past 2 days I had rung the expert at Cranham Motorhomes on how to resolve certain problems and we learnt quite a lot more on how all the bells and whistles work.

We had been invited to stay with a friend of mine (Dieter) from the March Model Railway club who had a large front yard easily capable of holding our 9 metre mobile home. As Dot has a couple of doctors appointments this week it may be Wednesday before we get away.  When we went to leave the camp site I couldn’t get the engine started, Hmmm, only 11.9 volts. Another phone call to Cranhams which established fully how the onboard charging system worked. Luckily we still had mains power so we were able to select the starter battery and direct the charger into it and within half an hour the battery was back up to 12.5 volts and we were back in action. Phew. It transpired that there is a constant draw off from the starter battery of 0.8amps from the Cobra alarm, onboard computer and the upmarket TV/Radio/DVD & MP3 player.

On the way back to March Dot wanted to call into Dunelm Mill to buy 2 single bed fleecy underlays. She had bought 2 from Wilkinsons but when we unwrapped them they turned out to less than 5 foot long, no where near single bed size, so they will be going back. Any way, arriving at Dunelm Mill, Peterborough, after driving around the block twice as the satellite  navigation had lead us astray due to road alterations. A nice big car park but all the spaces were only for cars so I dropped Dot off and told her she would have to look for me upon her return. Well a damn great big motorhome shouldn’t be too difficult to spot or could it? I found a section of the car park right over the back without any cars in it so I was able to park lengthways across 5 car park spaces. From where I was sitting I could see Dunelms front door so assumed Dot would see me but it turned out not to be the case. Luckily she guessed at where I might be and found me quite easily.

Parked in the front yard of Dieter and Sheila’s house we seem to be attracting attention from local residents walking past, I wonder why?

A total of 147 miles, since 5 March 2011


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

I see a small solar pannel on the shopping list for conecting to the starter battery.
Constant drain is a problem on modern cars and things. My friend who sails disconects his battery when he parks up for several weeks

Unknown said...

Hi Dot, Hi Derek we are very pleased that you have taken delivery of Gypsy Rover Mk2!

We will be heading off for this year on 27th March; do you fancy a few days in Derbyshire before we go?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Brian and Diana
Yes there is a solar panel on the roof with a two way charging system connected to the batteries and can be selected whether to charge the leisure or vehicle battery. There is much to learn.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Iain and Myra
Thanks so much for the offer unfortunately we now have several prior commitments which interfere with that. Happy boating we hope to be in your neck of the woods in about June but of course you will be out boating. Take care