Saturday, 26 March 2011

Under the Thames to Kent.

111.1 Miles. Now at Sarre Windmill.


Parked along the Marine Parade in Whitstable.

As we were so close to Cranham Caravans this morning we decided to pay them a visit to discuss various little pointers about problems with the motorhome. We spoke at length with Geoff, Cranham’s trouble shooter, about various faults and he agreed that things were not as they should be. He took photographic evidence to  pass onto Autotrail to try and get things rectified. Hopefully this will be sorted out when we return the motorhome to Cranham’s in preparation for shipping to New Zealand.


Under the Thames at Blackwall Tunnel

Next stop was a gas station and supermarket which we found conveniently next door to each other at Becontree Heath which I believe is basically Dagenham. The Total gas station was only £1.36.9p a litre for diesel and Morrison’s had a very large car park where I managed to squeeze on to 2 parks.  There was plenty of other parks available so nobody missed out.


Along the seafront at Whitstable for lunch.

From here it was heading towards London with a last minute change of direction down the Blackwall tunnel. Out the other side and on into Kent. We made good progress until we realised that the wrong post code had been put into the Garmin which took us to the camp site we are booked into from next Monday. As we didn’t want to miss seeing the Sarre Windmill we had to backtrack quite a way which also took us to a road only 6’ 6” wide which was no good to us at 7’ 7” wide. We eventually found our way with the help of a couple of local’s. Unfortunately we had overlooked the fact there is no electrical hook up’s on this site so I had to get the owners permission to run the generator. We may cut short our stay here, we will have to see how things work out.


Sarre Windmill outside Canterbury

We have been for a walk and sorted out the buses which are only a 5 minute walk away so tomorrow it will be a visit to Canterbury.

A total of 863 miles, since 5 March 2011


Les Biggs said...

So nice to see you both on a new adventure.
Must say i miss crossing paths with you both on the canal.
Enjoy your lives wherever you roam.
LES NB Valerie

Jenny and Robin said...

A Shame you did not see Sutton Hoo while you were in the area, where a Saxon King was buried in his long boat. Just dont go on a Monday they are closed.