Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Finally a Licence.

First thing this morning I was on the phone to the DVLA regarding my driver’s licence. After spending nearly 3 minutes on the phone working through all the options I was then put on hold for another 10 minutes. Finally I was answered by a young lady who informed me that my licence had been posted on Friday and I should have it by the 1st April. Excuse me! It doesn’t take that long to deliver a letter. Apparently the DVLA have a contract with Royal Mail which allows Royal Mail 2 weeks in which to deliver the mail, how ridiculous.

Now I passed my test on the 11th February which allowing 21 working days should have returned my licence by 4th March. I rang the DVLA on the 8th March to be told it would be dealt with in a couple of days. Another phone call on the 20th with the above results and finally the postman delivered my long awaited licence a couple of hours later.

If this is not gross incompetence I don’t know what is. Perhaps the Government should take a good look at this service as part of their shake up of the Civil Service.


Peter Berry said...

Hi Derek, welcome to the UK, land of incompetence and government department inefficiencies. You seem to have now discovered what we have been brought up with. My own record for a late letter was a Christmas card posted 12th December 2010, delivered to my Auntie 40 miles away on 16th February 2011, after lunch! We regulary now hand deliver where possible, we are fed up of our items getting lost.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Peter and Margaret
Well we are not alone, I feel sorry for you fellow countrymen. Mind you they get there eventually after several phone calls to gee them up. Don't forget the bad weather will probably be to blame. :-)

Jenny and Robin said...

Thank goodness for that, what a lot of hassle.

Pleased to see that you two have been getting out and about and trying all those knobs and buttons on your new campervan. Hopefully things are going smoothly as you get to know how everything works.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
Interestingly enough we now know more than the Dealer. With the new technology on the vehicle nobody seems to know how it all works. Trial and error with no instructions, frustrating.