Saturday, 12 March 2011

Where next?

First it was the floods and bushfires in Queensland Australia, then the earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand. Now Japan has been hit by the biggest earthquake and Tsunami probably in living memory. The death toll is going to be hundreds if not thousands and the cost will be Billions. Who or where is the next natural disaster going to affect?

Our thoughts are still with the resident’s of Christchurch and now with the residents of Sandai, Japan. The worlds Search and Rescue teams have just completed their missions in New Zealand and looks like their services will now be required in Japan.

The latest reports from Christchurch are that 300 inner city buildings will have to be demolished and 10,000 homes demolished and rebuilt. There will definitely be a huge demand for tradesmen, builders, plumbers and electricians just to name a few and there just are not enough in New Zealand at present, so this could be the answer to somebodies unemployment woes. Australia has already supplied tradesmen just to help get water, power, phones and sewerage reconnected and this is just the start.

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