Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Arthurs Pass to Christchurch

We had decided when leaving Lake Brunner that we would cross the Alps through Arthurs Pass.  Not a route either of us had ever travelled before.  There are warnings about towing vehicles but that did not refer to us. Not for the faint hearted on the west coast side , very steep and windy, but we managed ok.

Stopping at Arthurs Pass village for lunch and a walk around before carrying on to Christchurch.The trip is much more gentle on the eastern side and we arrived at Weedons in time for 4zz’s.

IMG_0503Following the leader. There is a few of these one way bridges around.

IMG_0507One motorhome each way in Arthurs Pass.

IMG_0513No height problems here. Surprisingly large trucks travel this road.

IMG_0517Rock fall protection shelter. West Coast side of Arthurs Pass.

IMG_0518Waterfall diversion a couple of hundred yards further on.

IMG_0524The Otira Bridge through Arthurs Pass taken from the lookout above.

IMG_0526Dis-used turntable at Arthurs Pass railway station.

IMG_0527Three relics of steam train days.

IMG_0529Otira Tunnel Arthurs Pass end. The tunnel was started in 1909 from both ends and took 10 years to hole through due to labour shortages. It took another 5 years before the tunnel was ready for use.

IMG_0531Rail bridge leading into the Otira Tunnel.

IMG_0548Yes, there is the first hint of snow under those clouds.

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Jenny said...

Great photos - we have yet to travel this route and over the new(ish) bridge, perhaps next trip.

Robin and Jenny