Thursday, 9 March 2017

Christchurch 6 Years on!

IMG_0550Derek studying the bus timetable in the new transport centre in Christchurch.

IMG_0551New transport centre in Christchurch

IMG_0552Christchurch rebuild still in progress.

IMG_0553Hope these steel frameworks are more earthquake proof.

IMG_0555Old facades being saved with new structures being built behind.

IMG_0556Quake City museum. Too expensive for my liking.

IMG_0557More steel work.

IMG_0560The historic trams back up and running.

IMG_0561Christchurch’s Arch of Remembrance now fully restored.

IMG_0563Never seen so many construction workers in such a small area before.

IMG_0570Cathedral Square rising from the ruins. The challice (ice cream cone) Millennium statue.

IMG_0571The Cathedral still languishing in the weeds and steel work.

IMG_0574Demolition still in progress 6 years down the track.

IMG_0580One white chair for every person that died in that horrendous earthquake.

IMG_0585Christchurch’s new cardboard Cathedral.

IMG_0586The rafters are cardboard tubes constructed locally which are approximately 300mm diameter and 25mm thick. There are timber beams up through the centre of the tubes. The walls are used shipping containers suitably modified. The roof being made of laminated interlocking panels that can be replaced if necessary. With a life expectancy of 50 years.

IMG_0596Demolition in progress. This machine was chomping through RSJ beams as if they were cardboard.

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