Monday, 20 March 2017

Gabriel’s Gully Lawrence.

As it was a beautiful afternoon and after finding ourselves a good spot for the night we all wandered into town to look around.  Although being late in the day there were not many around.

20170318_152827These bridges are all different.

20170318_164152Welcome to Lawrence.

20170318_163733Just like the old days you can get a ride on a horse and cart.

20170318_164050The Old Stamper Battery used to crush rock so gold could be extracted.

20170318_164517Old cart used to transport the gold carrying rocks.

20170318_171906Now who’s that standing alongside some local identities?

20170318_164616Colourful mannequin in the main street of Lawrence.

20170318_170348Gold Miner statue in Lawrence.

20170318_174748The entrance to Gabriel’s Gully.

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