Tuesday, 7 March 2017


IMG_0479Sadly no trains through here at present due to the recent fires taking out bridges between here and Christchurch.

IMG_0480Now just a memory of times past. During the 1988 flood the signalman was stranded in here with nothing more than a cup of tea.

IMG_0482Looking along the flood protection wall out to the old wharf and open sea.

IMG_0485A recent memorial to all the 398 miners who have lost their lives in mining disasters on the West Coast, from the Brunner mine in the 1896 to the recent Pike River disaster in 2010. The granite ring around the miners revolves through a water trough.

IMG_0490The clock tower is built above the high water flood line.

IMG_0492More memories of West Coast mining.

IMG_0493Dredge buckets from an old dredger used to keeping the harbour open.

IMG_0494Old coal wagons of which there used to be hundreds bringing coal to the wharf.

IMG_0498Beautiful historic mural about the West Coast, it’s disasters and personalities.

IMG_0499This one says it all about the West Coast.

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