Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Clifden Suspension Bridge at Tuatapere.

Not the famous Brunel Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol in the United Kingdom, but New Zealand style. We freedom parked here with several others.

IMG_1038This used to be the main highway originally but now a cycle/walkway.

IMG_1022Once a single lane roadway.

IMG_1024 The bridge has recently been restored with new timber and metal work.

IMG_1025Fascinating rock formation.

IMG_1026Rock formation even in the river bed.

IMG_1028A credit to the original builders that it’s still in use.

IMG_1030  Here comes Elizabeth.


This lovely  old Country church was saved by a local florist. Now used as his storeroom. He grows Gentians which grow very well in the cooler climate. Once all grown for the export market it now all stays in NZ.

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