Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ferrymead Heritage Park.

IMG_0598Cob cottage looking a bit worse for wear.

IMG_0599-001The church was booked for a wedding the following day.

IMG_0608Ferrymead’s historic town centre complete with tram lines and overhead wires.

IMG_0610Old time cinema.

IMG_0616Ferrymead Station, goods shed and engine sheds.

IMG_0627-001Only a couple of these old timers left now.

IMG_0628Restoration in progress.

IMG_0630Mobile crane with a pair of Wellington Ganz units in the background.

IMG_0631Electric unit from the Otira tunnel?

IMG_0633Wellington Ganz units.

IMG_0634A early version of a butter churn.

IMG_0639Dunedin tram car which ran on underground wires driven by steam winches.

IMG_0640Controls of the Dunedin tramcar.

IMG_0644This tramcar would have been pulled by horses or a steam power loco.

IMG_0646Chevrolet truck.

IMG_0651-001Dakota DC3

IMG_0652Vickers Viscount airliner.

IMG_0653Safe Air’s Bristol freighter.

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