Thursday, 30 March 2017


Leaving Te Anau and Lake Manapouri after a beautiful day we headed for Lumsden for the night.

IMG_1119Another Central Otago Railway Station cut off by the Clyde Dam.

IMG_1110The station is now the site for back packers and the like who sleep in cars and vans. Apparently it deters the vandals so the local’s encourage the tourists.

IMG_1114A Drewery Diesel Shunter with some old goods wagons. How long before they rust away to nothing?

IMG_1115A huge piece of machinery posing as a load.

IMG_1116Another Drewery loco with an1896 “A” class carriage awaiting restoration.

IMG_1117The railway water tower for the old steam loco’s.

IMG_1118A last remaining memory of the train that used to run through here.

IMG_1105Sunset over Lumsden from the NZMCA site.

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