Saturday, 20 January 2007

All done and dusted

0 Locks / 0 miles

Due to our webmaster sorting out a problem on our web site our computer was otherwise engaged last night and I was unable to do a blog.

However the work on “Gypsy Rover” has now been completed and we are now afloat again waiting to be let out of the dock back on to the cut.
All the blue on the top of the hull has now been given 2 coats of paint and the stern now sports shiny new red and cream markings.

After leaving it as long as possible for the paint to harden I re-fitted the bow and stern fenders. Luckily I had some spare chain and ‘U’ bolts (shackles) on board as the new bow fender did not have long enough chains so I had to modify them to fit.

Yesterday Britain had its worst storm in 17 years and 10 people died due to falling trees and debris from buildings being torn apart by the wind. Electricity was cut off in many areas and as of tonight there are still thousands of homes cut off. Power companies have even bought engineers from France to help restore power. We were lucky in that we must have been on the cusp of the storm as we had heavy rain and high winds but suffered no damage in this area.
Today British Waterways have posted a long list of closures all over the country mainly due to fallen trees and will be working hard over the next week clearing these obstructions.

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