Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Close shave

Moored near Lock 67 Apsley

We knew we were getting very low in diesel and my dip stick still showed about an inch of diesel in the fuel tank but this did not take in to consideration that the take off pipe from the tank was about half an inch above the bottom. However the Mikuni central heating unit started at 8am as usual and the batteries were ok so we thought no more of it until I happened to go into the electrical cupboard. The Mikuni control panel was showing a fault which I wrongly diagnosed as low battery power. Because of this I thought I had better run the engine for a wee while but when I started the engine it only ran for a few minutes when it started to splutter. I quickly stopped the engine as I realized that the whole problem, engine and Mikuni were lack of diesel. Bum!
However we knew that our guardian angel would be along soon as Peter on N/b’s Bletchley and Argus had sent us a text last night to say he would be here today with coal and diesel. Sure to his word he arrived at 2pm and including 30 litres of diesel in our emergency containers we took on 189 litres of diesel.
The other project that I have been busy with is modifying the plumbing to the bathroom by placing shut off valves in the system so that the bathroom can be isolated and leave the rest of the system operational. Something I would have thought would have been common sense when building a boat but I suppose it all comes down to cost. Our thanks to City Plumbing of Hemel Hempstead for their assistance with this project.

While all this was taking place Dot had a quiet day with her nose in a good book. She has become a right little bookworm lately. The two photos attached show the Apsley Marina, from the Marina looking towards the canal.

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