Saturday, 13 January 2007


6 Locks and 3½ miles

Thursday morning was quite windy and we had heard on the news of 5 lorries (trucks) being blown over on motorways. It was on my way down to the marina that I witnessed a very strong wind gust destroy a collapsible canopy on a GRP cruiser moored outside the marina. This area is very exposed compared to where we have been moored above lock 67. There was a phone number in the window of the boat which I rang only to get an answer phone. I duly left my details and what had happened to his boat but as of yet not received any thanks or acknowledgement. The owner has been back to the boat to secure the remains of his canopy but I have heard nothing. A thank you would be a nice gesture.
Friday morning started out calm as we prepared to move off from Apsley. Our first chore was grocery shopping at Sainsbury’s. While there Homebase rang to say they had found our missing vanity and would we like to collect it which we did.
It was lunch time before we finally cast off and the wind had started to become quite strong. During the course of the trip we encountered some very strong wind gusts which blew us all over the canal and made locking difficult where the locks were exposed to the elements. Along the way we saw 2 huge trees that had succumbed to yesterdays winds and workmen had been busy with chainsaw’s clearing pathways etc. Plenty of firewood for the taking although not for us as we do not have a multi fuel fire. However we had to battle on as we wanted to be moored up at Winkwell dry dock before dusk.
Dot gave the washing machine a work out during the trip to take advantage of plentiful power so all our chores are up to date. This means next week can be totally devoted to the working on the boat.
Upon arrival at Winkwell we found the dry dock was full of water with its present occupant ready to be pulled out tomorrow morning. So it’s early to bed tonight ready for an early start tomorrow morning.

WANTED. Labourers, painters or brush hands. Lunch and dinner provided.

Photo shows Gypsy Rover alongside Narrowboats Archimedes and Ari while refueling outside Apsley Marina.

No prizes for guessing where the first photo was taken by Brent last Friday.

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