Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Nearly there.

0 Locks / 0 miles

While we are in dry dock we are on landline power for which we have to keep feeding the meter with tokens which cost a pound each. On Saturday I purchased 5 tokens thinking this would be sufficient but due to the heavy use of the grinder yesterday we used more than our daily quota. Also a cold overnight temperature necessitated the use of our electric heater first thing this morning which also consumed a fair bit of power. This means we have now used our last token and cannot get any more until tomorrow as they yard is closed on a Monday.
To ensure we don’t run out of power overnight I have stopped using the grinder until tomorrow although there is very little left to do. So it’s back to the paint brush and put the first coat on the port side.
If you read yesterdays blog you will recall my paint brush fell apart and I managed to repair it with a couple of cable ties. Well this held together for a while until one of the ties broke. Only one thing for it, put on a surgical glove, grasp brush head in my right hand and carry on. A bit messy but you don’t have to be too fussy with this stuff and it got the job done. Surprisingly my hand stayed relatively clean even though I was putting it in the tin of paint.
The first tin of paint did one coat all round and I managed to get a second coat on the bow section so another tin of paint will be ample.
I have now started to prime damaged paintwork above the rubbing rail so that I can make a concerted effort on the blue paintwork as soon as I have finished applying the second coat of blacking.
The Hoodmaker is calling tomorrow morning to measure up for both a cratch and stern cover which will give us a bit more covered space and keep the weather out as well.
No photo’s to accompany today’s blog as the photographer has been confined to bed. She has the same complaint as Sue on n/b No Problem.

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