Thursday, 4 January 2007

First cruise for 2007

8 Locks / 4 miles
Last night I thought I had better check to see how much diesel we had left and found we had less than a quarter of a tank (about 30 litres) so I emptied our emergency supply into the tank for good measure. It was then a case of where to go to refuel, Winkwell, if they had any, Watford or Tring. However an evening stroll down to the marina solved our problem as a working pair of narrowboats was just mooring up outside the marina. This was Candle Bridge Carrying Co who operates from London up to Apsley Mills selling the usual coal, gas and diesel.
An arrangement was made for us to move down through lock 67 first thing the following day and refuel before CBCC departed on their return trip to London.
The following morning turned out fine but very windy which made things a little tricky while trying to moor alongside CBCC to refuel but we succeeded without any mishaps. It has now become obvious that our fuel tank holds at least 30 - 40 litres more than the manufacturer states in our owner’s manual which is handy to know.
Rather than just turn around to go back to where we were moored previously, we took Brent on a short cruise down to below Kings Langley lock 69A and turned around behind the new Ovaltine apartment development so that he could go home saying he had traveled on a narrowboat and worked some locks.
He also got to see a bit more of the countryside.
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