Sunday, 21 January 2007

Back on the cut

6 Locks and 3½ miles

As soon as the boatyard staff arrived this morning it was all on. One of the staff was sent to the lock up stream from us to let water down as the pound was low and we were still stuck fast in the dock. After about 10 minutes we felt a surge of water enter the dock and we were afloat. We were then hauled out into the main stream of the canal and moored on the opposite bank because I had not had time to check the boatyards account. After some discussion with management a settlement figure was agreed upon and we set off for Apsley where we are now moored about 2 boats lengths from where we were previously.
The trip down was cold and windy and except for one tree that had been blown down in the storm on Thursday blocking half the canal the trip was uneventful. Once moored at Apsley it was a trip to the marina to use the laundry ( too much to do on the boat) and a visit to Sainsbury’s for some depleted essentials. We had a personal mail delivery from Tracey in the afternoon before she returned to Wimbledon this evening.

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