Thursday, 25 January 2007


0 Locks / 0 miles

Yes, we awoke to find ourselves surrounded by snow approx 5cm deep.

The weather man has been threatening us with snow for days and it has finally materialized. It was quite funny going to work this morning with the snow crunching under foot, something I have not done for longer than I care to remember.

Last night was another first. We met up with the first of our many narrowboat contacts who we have contacted since this adventure began. It was Les from n/b Valerie who we had exchanged e-mails with before we left NZ.
He is heading North up the Grand Union as stoppages allow with a final destination of Wales and the Llangollen canal. Nice to meet you Les, no doubt we will cross paths again at some stage.

This photo was taken about 9.30am after it was light.

This was taken at first light looking down the roof as Derek was leaving for work.

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