Monday, 15 January 2007


0 Locks / 0 miles

My aches and pains from yesterday had almost gone by this morning so it was back to the grinder. In fairness to other residents, considering it is Sunday I didn’t start until about 10am. I have now completely cleaned the starboard side and am about ¼ of the way along the port side. After lunch I decide I had had enough of the grinder for one day so got a tin of blacking from the boatyard shop and started blacking the starboard side. Well this blacking is soooo thick, the only way I can describe applying it is to say its like painting with treacle that’s been in the fridge. Needless to say that the 4 inch brush I had bought for the job was not really up to it and came to grief just as I was nearly finishing. As I cannot get a replacement without taking a bus trip back to Hemel Hempstead and wasting half a day I have managed to repair it using cable ties. Hopefully it will hold together long enough because it won’t be of any use after this even though the manufacturer states brushes can be cleaned in white spirit or turps. I don’t know how many gallons it would take because a bath in about 200mls of white spirit did nothing so I have left the brush soaking in it so it doesn’t harden up over night.

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