Monday, 29 January 2007

Success and disaster

Moored near Lock 67 Apsley

Due to the fine weather this week-end there has been quite a lot of movement on the canal including the boat in the attached picture.

Narrowboat Tui was spotted just as we arrived back at the boat from the Homebase DIY store. Well, those of you in the know, will be aware that Tui’s are a native bird of NZ so we spoke to the lone boatman who told us that the Kiwi connection was the previous owner.
So if anybody out there recognizes the boat or knows of the old owner please give us a call or email.

The reason for the visit to Homebase was because the vanity unit that we had waited so long for had a cracked basin when we unwrapped it. Luckily I had not done too much work in the bathroom but it’s frustrating as we don’t know how long it will take to get a replacement.

The Manager was going to email all the other stores and try and get a new one ASAP.

The success was in repairing the shower pump which had died on us. We got a pump repair kit from the agents last week and yesterday was the first opportunity I had to look at it. The biggest problem is centralizing the diaphragm which took me four attempts before I got it right, needless to say I could just about do the job blindfold now.

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