Thursday, 11 June 2009

What a s##t of a day.

We were all organised this morning for our trip to Rugby for our 6 monthly doctors appointment. We arrived at Longport station in plenty of time and duly caught the train to Stoke on Trent where we had to change trains.

At Stoke on Trent we checked the departure board and the 12.54 to London via Rugby was on the board so all was well, or so we thought. Five minutes before the train was due to arrive it suddenly dis-appeared off the board. What’s going on we asked at the office? Sorry we had to cancel it due to shortage of trains came the reply. We need to be in Rugby by 3pm or thereabouts when is the next train? After checks on the computer and ringing train control the best offer was a train that arrived in Rugby at 3.17pm. Even this arrived in Stoke on Trent 10 minutes late but all due to the driver, he was only 2 minutes late at Rugby.

We had already rung ahead to warn the surgery that we would be late and they worked around the problem. As the train back to S.O.T wasn’t until 8pm we decided to have tea in town. Bad decision, 2 pubs no grub after lunch, 1 restaurant closed, and the place we finally settled upon was a case of going through the menu to see what was or wasn’t available and English wasn’t his first language. Get the picture?

Thankfully the return journey went without a hitch and we were soon back aboard with our feet up and a cuppa to hand.

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grey wolf said...

the weatherspoon pubs are usually a good bet for all day Food,sometimes it even tastes good.