Monday, 1 February 2010

To Stay or Not To Stay?

0 Locks, 2.88 Miles Now moored in Warwick.

We knew we were in for a cold night last night but it turned out colder than expected. The canal started to freeze over before it even got dark last night and during the night, 3am to be precise, the Mikuni central heating kicked in as the boat temperature dropped below 10oC.

Warwick 010-1 Leslie from Nb Caxton. She walks miles along the towpath with Floyd and Fletcher

This morning Derek and Carrie on Uccello set off about 11am as they need to call in to Kate boats tomorrow. We opted to stay put as we were expecting Joe and Lesley on Nb Caxton to call in. By about 1pm there was no sign of them and the midday weather forecast had changed with forecasters advising that the weather pattern over the next week was going to be somewhat unpredictable. With the threat of overnight temperatures of –8oC we didn’t want to get trapped in ice out here in the country so we cast off for better moorings.

Warwick 009 Joe the other half of the crew of Caxton. On the way to Braunston to get the boat stretched.

Along the way we eventually did meet up with Joe and Lesley on Caxton but we just hove to for a quick chat. Sorry about the change of plans guys we had intentions of staying but we couldn’t afford to be iced in with a full tank of you know what. Hopefully we will get to spend some more time with you later in the year. At Tesco’s we caught up with Derek and Carrie who had just been shopping to stock up the pantry. A unanimous decision to push on to Kate boats was made where we are now currently moored. If we should be unfortunate enough to get frozen in again we will have access to all facilities within easy reach.

Warwick 012 Bungy helping Carrie to moor Nb Uccello.

2060 locks, 4074.77 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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