Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cadbury (Kraft) World.

Bournville 061A glass and a half. That's the secret of Cadbury's chocolate.

Today we had a 9am appointment at Cadbury World so it was an early start to allow ourselves sufficient time to walk there. Even arriving at 8.45 there was a queue at the door. Admittedly a lot of the tour is for kid’s but the historical and manufacturing side of the tour were very interesting. Passing through the section where you can see part of the factory proper there was nothing happening except some maintenance and cleaning after a production run.

Bournville 051 The original Office block.

In the souvenir shop there were chocolate bars we had never seen before but Dot was disappointed that her favourite Picnic bar wasn’t available, instead she had to make do with some Flake and White chocolate. Still I did find a favourite of mine, the Fry’s Peppermint Cream which we have only found in one shop after 3 years searching. We also purchased a few trinkets for gifts to take back to NZ.

Bournville 059 Where John Cadbury dreams began.

Back at the boat we found Derek and Carrie in conversation with Graham and Jill from Nb Matilda Rose who had just arrived from Gas St Basin. Unfortunately they couldn’t stay as they have to push on towards Lapworth with their grandson after a short visit.

Bournville 067Derek chatting with Graham and Jill from Matilda Rose.

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