Sunday, 28 February 2010


3 Locks, 8.83 miles, 1 Tunnel. Now moored at the Black Country Museum.

With all 3 tanks,water, waste and diesel, requiring attention it was time to move. With today being the best option as far as the long range weather forecast was concerned we set off just after 9 am. First port of call was the water point at Cambrian wharf where I also took advantage of the shower. Next stop was Sherbourne Wharf on the Oozell Loop to empty one tank and fill the other with 135 litre’s of diesel. Derek and Carrie on Uccello gave us a half hour head start then followed on behind.

Dudley 007 Sherbourne Wharf on the Oozell Loop in Birmingham.Dudley 012 Hi Paul, its looking good at its home mooring.

Once both boats had been sorted we then headed North. Travelling through the old industrial area’s was quite amazing to see the many old arm’s leading to derelict factories. It gave a different perspective to what the canal industry must have been like in it’s hay day. We hadn’t planned on travelling quite so far but we couldn’t find any decent moorings so we carried on to our present position. We will probably move during the week and return here next week-end when family plan a visit on both boats.

Dudley 016One of the many dis-used arms along the New main Line. There would have been a factory or wharf at the other end.Dudley 018  Toll Island's in the centre of the canal. There were several of these.Dudley 023 One of many attractive bridges crossing the New main Line. Another toll island fills the canal.Dudley 029 Spon Lane bridge.

After a great deal of thought we have come to the conclusion that we may be selling Gypsy Rover sooner than planned so we will be getting her valued very soon. Once we have a better idea on price we will be advertising the sale properly. Just keeping our options open.

Dudley 031 M5 bridges looms over everything.Dudley 032 Photo taken from the other side of the same bridge showing bridge supports in the centre of the canal.

2105 locks, 4111.44 miles, 80 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Andy Tidy said...

Thet rather ornate gothic bridge you spied isnt a bridge at all. It's the aqueduct to the Engine Arm from the Old Main Line - my absolute favourite aqueduct on the whole system (Pont included).
Capt A

Unknown said...

hi guys

i think that i have mentioned this to you that we are comig over to go through all of the cruising and enjoyment that you have gone through, so naturally if you guys are going to sell your boat we would certainly be interested in looking at it as an option.
a couple of pieces of information that we are interested in is what is the headroom ? (being 188cm i need a bit of extra height) and i assume that you have a dinette that can become a second double ?
at the moment i am contemplating coming over in July to start our search and purchase.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Raymond,
The headroom in the boat is 188-196 being higher than average as I am 182. The dinette does break down to a double bed.Could please send us your current email address to as we have replied to you twice but got no response. We are assuming that your address has changed since 2006.We will send you all the relevant details for your perusal.
Thanks Derek