Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Curses, Foiled again.

Kingswood Junction 001 Lock 21 North Stratford Canal undergoing repair. An uncharted pipe as well as the icy weather last month has caused delays.

Despite the stoppage at Locks 19 and 21 we had found that there was still access through lock 20 to the Lapworth flight because the work on lock 19 had not actually been started yet. This morning we were contemplating when to move off, Dot went down to speak to BW at lock 21 who said that they believed lock 13 had an emergency stoppage as well. After phone calls to BW and Dot actually walking up to lock 13 to investigate the situation it turns out that BW are actually catching up with a postponed stoppage from last year. New gates and possibly a new cill plus repairs to the brickwork are what is being done on the lock. This work may be finished by next week but by then the lock 19 repairs may have started so will be of no advantage. BW have not advertised this stoppage but probably due to the fact that the canal was closed at lock 19 and 21 they probably thought it unnecessary.

Kingswood Junction 006Setting up the gantry at Lock 13 North Stratford Canal to fit new gates.

Ah well back to plan “A” which is to carry on up the Grand Union Canal and work out an itinerary from there. In the meantime we have reversed out of the arm leading to the Stratford Canal back on to the Grand Union Canal to get away from the noise of the trains on the bridge crossing the canal. This at least points us in the right direction for Birmingham together with the added advantage that we can now get satellite reception.

Kingswood Junction 010 Lock 13 North Stratford Canal being fitted with new gates.

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