Friday, 19 February 2010

Checking out Brum!

With a forecast of 4” of snow this afternoon we thought it wise to head out this morning. Nothing exciting to start with, just a visit to Tesco Edgbaston. It was a large store but the layout was anything but standard compared to other Tesco store’s we have visited, we have never seen such a disjointed shop layout.

Birmingham 017Bungy jumping in the Bull Ring

This afternoon the weather was still holding out so we headed into the city to get our bearings for future visits. We were basically looking to find the New Street Station and the quickest way to get there. In doing so we had a quick look around the Palisades and Bullring shopping complex’s. We had no sooner returned to the boat when the snow arrived and it has been snowing solidly for a couple of hours now. The temperature has also tumbled to a chilly -0.20C and its still only 6.30pm, time to crank up the heating.

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