Monday, 8 February 2010

Hatton Shopping Village

This afternoon after Tracey had caught the train back to London, the other Derek, Carrie and I set off for Hatton Country World. We left my Derek still nursing his sore toe behind.  Wow! did he miss all the lovely goodies in the Toffee Shop,  I relented and bought him a bag home to keep him quiet.  Although it was a cold and a dismal day there were a lot of people about.  It only took us about half an hour to walk back along the towpath and across the field which was a bit waterlogged but we were ok, walking boots are definitely needed at this time of the year.  I forgot my camera unfortunately and took this photo with my new phone so sorry it is not up to the usual standard.

Image0002Eat your heart out Derek

Tomorrow we will head off for Kingswood Junction, how long we will be there who knows, the forecast is for more snow and ice this week and they are predicting it may last for 10 days or so.  Not as long as the last spell but who knows.  Time will tell. 

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