Friday, 26 February 2010

Decisions, decisions!

Today we headed off to the NEC Birmingham where the Boat & Caravan show was being held. We also met John and Elizabeth from Nb Sarah Louise at the show as we are both in the same predicament as to what motorhome to buy and ship back to NZ when we sell our boats some time soon.

The first port of call was the Autotrail stand where we had some long discussions with Steve from Freeborn Motorhomes. As our first choice of a Cheyenne 840s is no longer available new he suggested the new Frontier Savannah which is 4 foot shorter model. After a thorough going over we moved on to find the Fifth Wheel Company who produce a very nice Fifth wheeler which is a sort of cross between a caravan and a motorhome. We were very impressed with their product but we can see a problem with having to also buy a Nissan Nirvara to tow the van. The whole unit is probably going to be outside our budget. Pity!

After a busy afternoon checking out other alternatives and some long discussions with Darren of Premier Motorhomes we headed back to the Autotrail stand for a second look and more talks with Steve. Eventually security turned up to kick us out as the show was closing at 6pm. We had only been there since the doors opened at 10am so where had the day gone?

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