Sunday, 27 June 2010

Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally.

Historic Boat rally 072

Today , which was supposedly the hottest day of the year so far, we caught the bus to Braunston. For the organiser’s of the above rally the weather couldn’t have been better, bringing visitors out in their  hundred’s. We left the boat around 9.30 and got home around 5pm so it was a good day out. No matter where we go we always bump into somebody we know and today was no exception as we met up with Baden (Nb Pania). We also caught up with the lady on the cheese boat who we haven’t seen for over a year. Needless to say we couldn’t leave without buying some of her delightful Welsh Amber Mist cheese laced with whiskey and Pickle Power cheese.

Historic Boat rally 096 

The section of canal between the bottom lock and the junction at Braunston Turn was up to 5 deep in moored boats in places and just enough room for the parade to get through. Unfortunately for a couple of private narrowboats they had come through the Braunston tunnel and down through the locks and either missed or ignored signs to say that the rally was on and delays could be expected. Their progress through Braunston was therefore vey slow.

Historic Boat rally 080Young Working Boaters Society.

Tugs, Ice breakers, wooden and iron hull’s and just 1 steam powered boat (Adamant) were all there for everybody to gloat over. There were 3 coal boats fully laden showing how deep they sit in the water compared to the empty boats sitting high out of the water.With all the various canal trust stalls and demonstrations, rope making, horse harnessing, hot dogs stall and ice-cream van there was something for everybody.

Historic Boat rally 102 Rope maker at Braunston. He was a real comedian.


Sue said...

I went to Braunston today and had a great time too. The car on the boat is owned by Daniel, who runs the Canal World Forum. He had driven aboard nb Ariel at a lock!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for that info, we did wonder how they got it on there.
Take care

Halfie said...

Steam boat Laplander was there on Sunday, as well as Adamant. I think that's Laplander on the right in the top picture on your post for Sunday.