Friday, 4 June 2010

Lovely sunshine.

0 Locks, 6.60 Miles. Now moored at Hopwas.

Hopwas 001

Gypsy Rover moored in a favourite spot at Hopwas.

After a peaceful overnight mooring it was time to push on.  We didn’t want to leave too late in case the moorings at Hopwas were full by the time we reached there as there are so many boats now on the move.  From a misty start to the day the weather just got better and better culminating in brilliant sunshine and a moderate breeze.

Except for a Canaltime hire boat rounding a blind bend completely on the wrong side of the canal and then losing control completely it was a pretty straight forward cruise.  Wildlife sightings included an abundance of ducklings, quite a few Moorhen chicks and just 2 cygnets near Streethay Wharf.

How the seasons make things change, when we have moored here previously there were lovely views of the River Tame and Tamworth in the distance, today with the the growth alongside the towpath we could see nothing. This afternoon we have just blogged out and Dot has spent the afternoon with her head in a book.

2219 locks, 4270.85 miles, 91 tunnels, 131 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Mike Moorse said...

Saw your boat at Hopwas when I walked past with the dogs. Yesterday there were a pair of swans in Hopwas, one of which had 4 cygnets on its back - I took a photo which I published on my blog
(sorry if this is repeated - seems I have a problem somewhere!!)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Mike
You should have knocked us up and introduced yourself. I have never seen the cygnets on mums back only the crown crested grebe.