Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kent Road bridge.

0 Locks, 2.06 Miles. Now moored below Kent Road Bridge.

With Brownsover moorings full to capacity we decided to move off down towards Hillmorton. On the way we called into Clifton Cruisers for our mail and a chat about getting some carpentry done. Unfortunately they are busy completing 2 new boats so are unable to help for quite some time. While at Clifton Cruisers we spotted another Kiwi owned boat in the form of Nb Pania. Baden and Ros have been to Ireland and left Pania at Clifton Cruisers. We have met up with them on numerous occasions and hopefully we will meet up again over the week-end when they are not working.

From there it was a pleasant but cool cruise down to just past Kent Road bridge where we were iced in over winter. The scene is quite different today with the fields opposite under a good crop of Oats or Wheat instead of snow.

The swan family of 8 cygnets has followed us all the way from Brinklow down to Hillmorton and according to a passing local the parents nested here at Hillmorton. That is quite a feat for the cygnets as it’s about a 16 miles round trip although it would have taken them over a week to complete. The cygnets are really starting to grow and put on weight now since we first saw them.

Brinklow 036 Preening time before a snooze in the sun.

2233 locks, 4309.69 miles, 92 tunnels, 131 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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