Friday, 25 June 2010

That’s quick.

With making alterations to the original layout in Gypsy Rover our carpet has been a real mish mash for the past 2 years. As we have the boat on the market we have been tossing up with carpet tiles or proper carpet. A visit to Carpet Right, Europe’s biggest carpet retailer, got us thinking with them offering 60% discount  and laying within days. After discussing our requirements with a very friendly Scottish salesman we opted to run with carpet professionally laid. Before we signed the deal he contacted the carpet layer to ensure he was happy laying carpet in a boat and when he would be available. The response was yes to the first question and how about 9.30am tomorrow!

Brownsover 005 Stripped ready for new carpet tomorrow, we will lay the off cuts under the dinette ourselves later.

Well that put the cat among the pigeons as we had to get the boat shifted across the canal to the park side  to start off. Luckily a couple of boats had vacated the area so there was room for us. The next job was to strip out the old carpet and detach any wall unit’s that would be in the way so the carpet layer won’t suffer any delays in getting on with the job. After about 4 frantic hours the job was complete including scraping old glue etc; off the floor  and sweeping it all up.

In all the hustle and bustle Dot dropped her phone but didn’t realise it was missing for quite some time. She has since bought a new phone and sim card. In the meantime I was contacted by Baden on Nb Pania to say he had been contacted by a gentleman who had found her phone. I rang Dot’s phone and the gentleman answered but before I could give him our details the phone cut off. All we know is that he knows the name of our boat and we hope he comes back tomorrow. Time will tell.

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