Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What a couple of scorchers.

Summer kicked in with a vengeance yesterday and today. Our boat thermometer was showing 420C outside but a lot of that heat was reflecting off the steel hull. Inside the boat was in the high 20’s so the real temperature would have been in the mid 20’s. Trying to sleep was another thing with the temperature not dropping until the early hours of the morning.

This morning Dot decided to ring the hospital about her cancelled appointment with the Neurologist. Luckily she did because the appointment had been changed to today, the same day as the original but an hour later. After a quick look through the correspondence from the NHS it transpired she had 2 letters which she took as duplicates. If she had read them carefully she would have noticed the hours discrepancy between the appointments, silly girl, should have gone to Specsavers.

The Neurologist was a delightful lady who was very thorough and agreed with Dot’s current treatment. She has requested an MRI scan so that she can see what the situation is with the Trigeminal nerve, the 5th cranial nerve, for future reference.

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