Monday, 21 June 2010

Well I never. New Zealand 1 Italy1.

After having spent a couple of hours with Baden and Ros (Nb Pania) at the Barley Mow pub catching up on comings and goings and having a very nice Sunday roast lunch, we chilled out afterwards by watching a bit of TV on the boat.

Unbeknown to us the World soccer match between New Zealand and Italy was showing so even though we are not great sports fans we sat and watched a most interesting game. I think the UK could do with borrowing the NZ goal keeper as he was brilliant. The whole team played exceptionally well and being ranked 78th deserved to hold Italy to the final 1 all draw. That could well upset the apple cart when it comes time for the finals.

Man of the match went to a Kiwi defender ( Ryan Nelson) who was well deserving of the title.

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