Saturday, 5 June 2010

Great summertime cruising.

2 Locks, 6.59 Miles. Now moored opposite Alvecote Marina.

Despite the brilliant weather the canals are not as busy as we would have imagined which I suppose is a bonus, not too many boats to contend with. Passing two fellow bloggers boats at Fazeley Junction we saw Nb Granny Buttons and Nb Chicheemaun, no sign of the owners though. Even when we called into Fazeley Mill Marina for diesel they commented on how quiet it was with very little passing trade.  Of course we were the second kiwi boat in the last few days to visit, the other being Barry and Sandra on Nb Northern Pride on their way north to Birmingham.

Yesterday Mike on Nb Guelrose posted a picture of 4 cygnets riding on their parents back at Hopwas. Unless they slipped past us going north during the night the only swan’s we found were a pair with only 3 cygnets about 5 miles south of Hopwas. If this was the same pair they have sadly lost 1 cygnet.

Fazeley 002 One thing that always amazes us when passing through Fazeley Junction is the long line of boats on the 48 hour moorings (often overstaying) and not one on the 7 day moorings.  Anyone have the answer here?

2221 locks, 4277.44 miles, 91 tunnels, 131 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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