Thursday, 10 June 2010

High Tide.

When we arrived at our present mooring 2 days ago the water level in the canal was low. The overflow weir behind us was as dry as a bone with the water level a good 6 inches below the overflow. With the recent rain which didn’t appear to be that heavy the water level has risen to the top of the overflow. Paul on Nb Piston Broke told us that there was some heavy rain at 5am this morning but we obviously slept through it. Again this evening we had a heavy downpour which only lasted about 15 – 20 minutes but will ensure water levels for the near future, together with a thunderstorm it is still raining now.  Hope it is not like June 2007 when we were stuck on the Thames at Oxford for three weeks.

The four of us took a bus into Coventry today for a look around and got back before the heavy rain that was forecast arrived.  Tomorrow it is off on the bus again to the large Tesco Extra that is supposed to be the largest in Europe, we will see.

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