Saturday, 19 June 2010

We are being followed!

Despite moving nearly 7 miles from when the swans first slept alongside us, last night the family slept on the bank just behind us in Hillmorton.  They appear to be the same family as they still have the 8 cygnets (who are growing fast) and came knocking early this morning again for breakfast.

This morning we caught the bus into Rugby for our 6 monthly Doctors appointments and then wandered through the market picking up some fresh vegetables before catching the bus back just as it started to rain.

Unfortunately Dot’s specialist appointment at the hospital next week has been cancelled so we will have to wait around the area until they notify us of another appointment. Oh dear!


Sue said...

hey, you must be feeding those cygnets all the right things! Fancy them following you?
I do hope the new appointment comes through quickly. A friend had to wait several weeks recently following a cancellation. best wishes

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue
Dog food pellets would you believe. Yes hope that appointment doesnt take too long, took me 6 weeks to get it.