Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Meeting Distant Relatives.

We have been in touch with a distant relative of mine since we started blogging our adventures on the canal. Phyl and her belated husband George had been working on a Canvin family tree for some years and came across our website which had some relevance to them. It transpired that Phyl’s grandfather was a Canvin and worked the barges or narrowboats as they are called now on the Grand Union canal around Apsley Mills. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet them before George died 4 years ago but was determined to meet Phyl and her daughter Ruth before returning to New Zealand.

Ruth, Derek & Phyl all part of the Canvin Family tree.

Ruth, Derek and Phyl all part of the Canvin Family.

This we did this morning by catching the bus to Canterbury and then changing buses to Herne village near Herne Bay. The visit was a complete success as it didn’t feel like meeting strangers but catching up with long lost relatives which of course we are, how ever far apart. Just a few hours of our lives which will live on for ever.

Phyl's home in Herne village. Handed down from husband George's mother.

Phyl's home in Herne village. Handed down from husband George's mother.


Anonymous said...

The Canvin name is well known in Bedford - a long standing butchery business I believe. Not more than 40 or so miles from Apsley.......

Derek and Dot said...

Yes we have some close relatives that come from Bedford.Apparently all the Canvins in the world are related!