Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another Scorcher on the Moor!

With yesterday being recorded as the hottest day so far, today was going to follow in a similar vane. After a slow start to the day we eventually decided to walk down into the village for look around.

Dartmoor Fern about to burst forth.

Dartmoor Fern about to burst forth.

Bluebells on Dartmoor.

Bluebells on Dartmoor.

Pink Bluebells? Must be something lacking in the soil.Pink Bluebells? Must be something lacking in the soil.

In the centre of the village was the park or green where teenagers were making the most of the school holiday and the fine weather and playing the fool in the river.

Quite a deep swimming hole between the bridge and the weir. River Walkham, Horrabridge.

Just across the road was the local bakery where his ware’s were best described as amateurish in presentation, i.e misshapen and uneven in size, but they were large portions and cheap. One pound twenty for two very large cream doughnuts with real cream. There goes the diet!

On the edge of Dartmoor.On the edge of Dartmoor.

After having a bite to eat in the park we headed off up Jordan Lane which we had worked out would take us back onto Dartmoor near where we were yesterday. It was a tough uphill slog all the way but we made it and probably worked off the doughnuts in the process.

Jordan Lane , Horrabridge leading out onto the moor.Jordan Lane , Horrabridge leading out onto the moor.

We found 2 granite posts with SB engraved on them which we hadn’t seen before. A possible interpretation could be South or Southern Boundary, we would be interested to know if anybody has the answer. The ponies were still within sight but we never got close to them today. A short distance later and we were back at the track down to Sortridge farm and a much needed cuppa back at the van. We estimated that we had walked between 4 and 5 miles in roughly 3 hours. Not bad going even if I say it myself.

Another boundary marker on Plaster Down?Boundary marker on Plaster Down?

Top of Pew Tor.

Top of Pew Tor.

Narrow bridge over the river Walkham at Horrabridge, Devon.

We think the name of the town Horrabridge is named after this bridge.  The Farmer at Sortridge Farm was horrified to learn that we had driven Gypsy Rover over it.  But Dot had asked a policeman for directions and he assured her it was fine. And it was, although a tight left turn afterwards.


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