Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fishy tales.

Due to some re-scheduling of our time we had a day in hand, so as I have been enjoying the fishing here it was decided to stay an extra day. Today has been fine but windy but this didn’t deter me.

An old gypsy caravan in a bit of a delapidated conditon at Stone Crouch Cottage.An old gypsy caravan in a bit of a delapidated conditon at Stone Crouch Cottage.

I was using 2 rods,one set up for Carp and one lighter rig for Bream or Roach. Unfortunately the Carp didn’t know this and twice I hooked a carp of around 4-5lb on the light rig. I played both of them but just as I went to net them they made a final bid for freedom and snapped the lighter trace of 3lb breaking strain. Once was bad enough but twice!

They keep on coming. Sunset at Stone Crouch Cottage.They just keep on coming. Sunset at Stone Crouch Cottage.

All was not lost as I did land three Mirror Carp the largest being 8lb. I had company of another fisherman and he was kind enough to weigh it for me. He then landed a fish of 9lb 7ozs just to make me feel bad. All in a days fun.  While I have been doing this Dot has been lying on the bed with her head in a book all day.  Must be  a good one!


Dave Elcome said...

Incredible. I stay at Stone Crouch as well. Not that I'm into Fishing, I use it as a convenient location when I want to Mountain Bike around Bewl Water. Just turn right out of the site and walk down Rosemary lane for around 1/3 mile, and you come to the back dam of the reservoir. Great views from there.

If you are tempted by Tanner Farm which is not far from there, be aware that whilst the place is fabulous, the owner is a misery!! I used to Store my Caravan there, but moved it because of him.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Dave
This is getting embarrassing. We may go for a walk up the road in the morning before leaving. Eastbourne here we come. Try again.