Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Give us a scratch will ya!

36.9 Miles. Now at Sharnfold Farm near Eastbourne

Oast Houses on the banks of Bewl Reservoir near Royal Tunbridge Wells.Oast Houses on the banks of Bewl Reservoir near Royal Tunbridge Wells.

After 3 relaxing days at Stone Crouch Cottage it was time to move on. Before we left the site we went for a walk down Rosemary Lane to have a look at Bewl Reservoir as suggested by one of our ardent followers. Thanks Dave. Well the reservoir was certainly magnificent and from information gained from a local resident it takes 6 hours to walk around it. We didn’t have that sort of time available to us so had to make do with just a short walk before heading back. Speaking to a fisherman, of which there were several, we were told that the reservoir was for fly fishing only for Trout of which there are 3 varieties, Brown, Blue and Rainbow. Naturally there are coarse fishing but fishing for them is banned.

Fly fisherman on Bewl Reservoir.Fly fisherman on Bewl Reservoir.

Only an hours drive bought us to Sharnfold Farm just out of Eastbourne. This place is quite unusual with it’s many facets. Basically a working farm covering horticulture, and general farming.

Shetland ponies at Sharnfold farm.Shetland ponies at Sharnfold farm.

It has it’s own Farm Shop, Coffee bar/restaurant and also seasonal pick your own. As well as being a CL site for the Caravan Club there are also  a couple of fishing lakes (at a fee), walks around the estate, children’s play area and from what we have seen is a very popular place.

Give us scratch mate!Give us a scratch mate!

Kiddies play area at Sharnfold farm.Kiddies play area at Sharnfold farm.

Today Gypsy Rover IV hit her first big milestone of one thousand miles, wow, doesn't take long.

A total of 1000 miles, since 5 March 2011

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