Sunday, 3 April 2011

Now in 1066 Country.

31.2 Miles. Now at Stone Crouch Cottage at Wadhurst.

The proprietor at the Rye CL site allowed us to leave the van on site this morning while we caught the bus into town. Apparently we have been here before but I’m afraid I cannot recall it. Dot’s memory is much better than mine, I can’t remember back 16 years! Again narrow cobbled streets and quaint buildings dating back to the 15th century. Up hill to the old town centre and the Ypres tower overlooking the River Rother which in the 18th century was a smugglers haven. Over the years the old port has silted up but it is still busy with fishing and pleasure boats lining the banks of the river.

Ypres Tower at Rye over looking the river Rother.Ypres Tower at Rye over looking the River Rother.

Leaving Rye we opted to stay on the A259 and the A21 after yesterdays country lane fiasco but even then we still came across narrow stretches of road.  At one point we were travelling quite sedately due to the road conditions when a light truck came towards us like a bat out of hell and part of his vehicle hit my driving mirror knocking it in. Later inspection showed he had cracked the plastic body and cracked the lower blind spot mirror. It is still functional but I will have to repair it or replace it at some point in time. Bugger!

Cobbled streets of Rye.Cobbled streets of Rye.

At our new CL site we are the only residents except for fishermen who can hire 1 of 4 cabins on site. Because they also have access to the toilet and shower block Caravan Club members are allowed free access to the 4 fishing lakes here. Whoopee! Reading the record board out side the fishing clubs building there are some monsters here, 30lb+ Carp and Catfish, 9lb Tench and Bream and Roach of 2lb+.

Landgate the only remaining gateway entrance to Rye, built in 1329. There used to be a portcullis which has long since been removed.Landgate the only remaining gateway entrance to Rye, built in 1329. There used to be a portcullis which has long since been removed.

As this afternoon was so gloriously sunny I soon had my fishing gear out of the garage but what to do for bait? When all else fails bread and cheese mixed into little balls. First fish of the day, about a 6lb Mirror Carp. Another first for me. Also caught were a couple of mediocre Bream which was not bad considering I was only using a #14 hook. Tomorrow I will improve the equipment with a more suitable sized hook. This evening the fisherman have been catching Carp just floating bread on the surface and a 16 and 20 pounder have been landed. Luckily there are not too many water fowl around to take any interest in the bread.

Decisions, decisions! The Candy Shop in Rye.Decisions, decisions! The Candy Shop in Rye.

A total of 963 miles, since 5 March 2011


Jenny and Robin said...

Rye is certainly a quaint little place, isn't it. We loved the steep narrow streets.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin

It is obvious that your memories are better than my husbands. I love the quaintness of it.