Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Heading to North Cornwall.

65.8 Miles. Now at the Valley Truckle Club site at Camelford.

It was a fairly relaxed start to the day with the usual servicing of the tanks. Once underway we headed for Tesco’s at Penzance who were very conveniently along our route. Again we struck lucky with plenty of parking space. Shopping done and stowed away we were on the move once more.

Cornwall.Janet took this photo today one of the few we have with the two of us.

We hadn’t been going long when my phone rang and it turned out to be a distant relative who had contacted me through the website/blog. We knew she lived in this neck of the woods but when we rang her last Thursday there was no reply so assumed she had gone away for Easter. How wrong we were, she had been working out on her farmlet somewhere but didn’t check her answer phone until today. Anyway she was on her way to Camborne to collect some animal feed. She gave us instructions where we could meet up as we would be passing by Camborne. The instructions didn’t quite work but we finished up in a coach park where we finally met up for a good long chat and a cuppa about 20 minutes later.

Derek and distant relative Janet Davies at Camborne in Cornwall.Derek and distant relative Janet Davies at Camborne in Cornwall.

Back on the road and it didn’t take long to reach our next camp site where there are only 6 other vans in residence. Once set up we walked into the village to check on buses and timetables for tomorrow. The local information centre is in the local museum where we had a good long chat with the museum curator.

Gypsy Rover at Valley Truckle camp, North Cornwall.We’ve done it again, hanging over the back of the camp site.  Oh well.Smile

As we are about 6 miles from the coast our view tonight is 4 very large wind turbines on the horizon with 3 working and one feathered and idle.


A total of 1511 miles, since 5 March 2011

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