Monday, 25 April 2011

Atlantic Ocean ahead.

82.3 Miles. Now at Lands End.

Gypsy Rover at Penzance sea front car park.Gypsy Rover at Penzance sea front car park.

We were in no hurry today as our next stop over, Trevedra Farm camp, request no arrivals before 1500 hrs. After filling and emptying all the relevant tanks we set off around 10.30hrs. Considering it was Easter Sunday with more fine weather the traffic wasn’t too bad.  During the course of the trip we pulled off the road twice for a cuppa and some lunch just to fill in time.

St Michael's Mount across the bay from Penzance.St Michael's Mount across the bay from Penzance.

Reaching Penzance we were still early so we pulled into the sea front car park which luckily was fairly deserted allowing plenty of room for us. We noted that there were plenty of other motor homes in the car park as well. We had a long chat with the owners of the camper with the Kiwi sticker on the back who are in the process of moving to New Zealand to join their son. An hour was spent walking around the harbour docks and back. Two large fishing boats were in the dry dock getting their hulls painted as well as some other work. There seems to be quite a large ship repair industry in the town which was a bit of a surprise.

Penzance harbour with the Isle of Scilly ferry at the harbour entrance.Penzance harbour with the Isle of Scilly ferry at the harbour entrance.

Again we found the new site quite easily and it turned out that we were the first arrivals for the day even though it was 16.30hrs. It didn’t take long to sort out how far we are from Land’s End and what the bus situation is although tomorrow being a holiday this information may not be correct. Time will tell.

This beautiful sailing ship moored off the coast at Penzance.This beautiful sailing ship was moored off the coast at Penzance.

The camp is divided into 5 sections, each catering to different styles of camping. One section is full of VW Combi type campers with tents who are predominantly surfers. Since our arrival we have seen quite a few surfers coming back from the beach which is only 10 minutes walk away. They have a designated area in which to wash down their boards and wet suits and the shower room has been very busy also.

Sailor's Institute Mission hall, Penzance.Sailor's Institute Mission Hall, Penzance.

A total of 1445 miles, since 5 March 2011

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