Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rest day in the Vineyard!

Despite it being another beautiful warm day we decided to scrap our plan to catch the bus into Lymington yesterday as we had plenty of mundane chores to catch up on. First up was downloading and naming more photographs which of course is never ending. The next most important thing was to make more reservations at camp sites. We have booked most of the Caravan Club campsites but there are plenty of gaps in between where we plan to use club CL sites. We have been lucky so far to have got bookings without any problem but as we move into June & July we are finding that some camps are already fully booked or can only book us for 1 night where we might require 2 nights.

Another problem with the CL sites is that you have to read the travel directions and instructions very carefully because many of them are in out of the way places. If you are not careful you can find yourself, as we already have on several occasions, up narrow country lanes barely wide enough. We are now becoming more selective choosing sites that are on or very close to A or B classified roads.

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