Thursday, 22 February 2007

Bored teenagers

Now moored at Linslade. 0 locks / ½ mile
Total of 145 locks and 1061/2 miles since 5th Nov 2006

Having spent the first night moored near Tesco’s without incident we were lulled into a false sense of security. Last night about midnight we heard voices outside the boat and saw 4 male teenagers sitting on the bench opposite the boat. That was OK but about 15 minutes later I felt the boat move so I shot out through the stern doors just in time to catch one of the little rat bags trying to unhitch the boat from the mooring bollard. They had already managed to get one of the ropes off. Lucky being of the large round variety he was having a problem. Yelling a few choice words at him as I chased him and his mates they ran off to the bridge and sat there watching us. Seeing this I got the camera out and walked towards them taking photos as I went. Realising that I was trying to photograph them they took off at a great rate of knots never to be seen again.
Having got ourselves sorted out from that little incident we retired for the night only to be annoyed by 4 boy racers having races around the Tesco’s car park. After about a ½ an hour somebody came out from Tesco’s and sent them packing. So this morning we backed up through the bridge to the water point (the 1 outside Tesco’s has been disconnected) and re-filled the water tank as we wanted to do some washing. We then travelled north for about ½ mile to an area on the outskirts of town by Ouzel meadow opposite some nice secluded housing just above lock 27. Hopefully we will be able to get some peace and quiet here. Ouzel meadow is a large area of common land between the canal and the river Ouzel. The area was left to run to rack and ruin but is now controlled by the local council with the aid of a ranger and is periodically grazed with cattle to keep it under control.
I have now completed the wiring alterations in the saloon and they work a treat and will be less draining on the batteries.

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Unknown said...

Hello Dot,
The cake looks good enough to eat, save us a slice he-he-he.

we miss our boat life, but the upside is I feel much better being away from the diesel fumes.

So I will keep reading the boat blogs, so I know what you are up to.

Take care best regards pat & Mike