Monday, 19 February 2007

Mail delivery.

Slapton lock 30

Weather wise it hasn’t been much of a day. Heavily overcast and cool was the order of the day.
However daughter Tracey came out from Wimbledon to see us and brought us our mail. The directions I gave her must have been pretty good as she found us quite easily.
In the meantime I have been working on modifying the lights in the kitchen and saloon. I have put a strip light over the bench/sink area because when you are standing at the bench all the lights are behind you. Not very well thought out.
In the saloon the light switch is right up the front of the boat which means stumbling through in darkness to switch the lights on. The plan is to split the lights into 2 banks of 3 instead of 6 on 1 switch and put another switch near the kitchen doorway so you can turn the lights on as you enter the saloon.
Tomorrow we will move further North to Leighton Buzzard where we will have to cool our heels for up to a fortnight until our sink unit arrives from Homebase.

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