Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Contact made

Moored near Lock 67 Apsley

Tonight I finally made contact with a cousin (Anne) in Canada using MSN Messenger. We had tried to contact her when we passed through Canada last October without success. It was great to establish contact and have a good natter even if it was in written form.
The boat is now ready for the covers to be fitted tomorrow morning. Tim should be here around 10.30, just hope it stays dry for him to fit them. The Met office is predicting an over night temperaure of -4c but the temperature at the moment (9.30pm) is still 7.9c so perhaps they have got it wrong this time.
In the meantime I have been replacing a length of skirting board that has been water damaged and swollen up. I took the replacement piece from inside one of the storage units and replaced it with flat board. Unfortunately the replacement skirting has turned out to be quite a bit darker than the original but most of it will be hidden under a radiator so it won’t be that obvious. I Popped in and saw Maffi on “Milly M” and caught him as he was putting away the vacuum cleaner. Despite the common misconception, it goes to show men can do housework. He was having a clean up as he was expecting visitors. Typical.
Now we are thinking of moving off from here on the 12th but BW has notified us that a stoppage that was to have started today has been postponed. It depends on the new start date as to whether or not it will mean we will have to leave sooner than planned. Time will tell.

This photo shows the front cratch frame which will be covered tomorrow and we shall look quite different.

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