Thursday, 8 February 2007

Grand Union Canal Freezes

Moored near Lock 67 at Apsley

Oh boy, what a morning. The weather man got it right this time as we awoke to a -3.6c deg and frost. It wasn’t until mid afternoon when I went for a walk that I found that the pound above us had frozen over and was still frozen.

This stretch of canal has no water movement hence the freezing. Where we are there is a weir which keeps the water flowing which stops it freezing.
We have now fitted the glass to the cratch frames but have got them laying flat on the floor until the silicon sets. I was concerned that if we put them back too soon the weight of the glass might be too much for the silicon and the glass might fall out, so better safe than sorry.
The next task is shifting the horn, headlight and TV aerial. This is proving to be quite a problem tracing wires etc. I had to take off 3 trim panels in the lounge to get to the headlight wire but have now got it sorted.

After enlarging the hole where the horn was originally I have now fed a curtain wire through and taped the 2 sets of wiring to it and tomorrow with Dots help hopefully we will be able to re-route the wiring and reconnect everything.
Tomorrow (Thursday) should be very interesting because the weather man is predicting up to 6 inches of snow across large areas of the country which will bring the country to a standstill. The photos both show the ice still on the surface of the canal at 3pm in the afternoon. What about tomorrow? well.


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